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team satoshi lightning torch[edit]

A lasting lightning torch travelling around the globe & converting kilometers into sats.

The team satoshi lightning torch picked up the idea of the lightning torch of hodlonaut and combined it with the idea of the Olympic Flame. The torch is handed from athlete to athlete all over to world and is being carried for a sports challenge or competition. Every athlete adds the sats (converted from the distance in kilometers or time in minutes depending on the discipline) before they hand it over to the next athlete. Follow the #tstorch on twitter.

current tstorch count: 20 hops, 1656 sats and km, 13 countries

tstorch hops:

1. 1000 sats from Vitus to Jeremias;

2. 1002 sats from Jeremias to Anita;

3. 1101 sats from Anita to Andreas;

4. 1124 sats from Andreas to Moritz;

5. 1136 sats from Moritz to Thomas;

6. 1326 sats from Thomas to Veronika;

7. 1368 sats from Veronika to Anibal;

8. 1410 sats from Anibal to Ioube;

9. 1460 sats from Ioube to Jernej;

10. 1502 sats from Jernej to Biser

11. 1544 sats from Biser back to Jernej

12. 1560 sats from Jernej to Vitus

13. 1606 sats from Vitus to Barti

14. 1616 sats from Barti to Richard

15. 1626 sats from Richard to Christian

16. 1630 sats from Christian to Ruudiano

17. 1637 sats from Ruudiano to Enrico

18. 1642 sats from Enrico to Luka

19. 1649 sats from Luka to Daniel

20. 1956 sats from Daniel to

Media & coverage

- Bitcoin Magazine covered tstorch with a story called: satoshi freeathlon raises awareness through sport

- Christoph Bergmann covered satoshi freeathlon including the tstorch in German with his bitcoinblog.de in his story: Rennen, Schwimmen, Radeln: Der Satoshi Freeathlon

Additionally other small blogs and news pages wrote about it.