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Run for Hal Finney

Running in memory of Hal Finney.

September 6th 2019 for the 10th birthday of his last proper run

Run for Hal Finney


On September 6th 2019 everybody is invited to go for a run in memory of Hal Finney. Hal was a cypherpunk and a bitcoin pioneer. Hal loved to run and finished his last real run on September 6th 2009. It was a half marathon.

Let us run in memory of Hal!


Media & coverage

- Bitcoin Magazine features the Run for Hal Finney in this article by Vlad Costea: Celebrating a Pioneer, Bitcoiners Will #RunForHalFin

- Coindesk wrote about this event Alyssa Hertigs article: ‘Team Satoshi’ Is Running Again – This Time for Bitcoin Pioneer Hal Finney

- wrote about #RunForHalFin in German: “Team Satoshi” veranstaltet Gedenklauf für Bitcoin (BTC)-Pionier Hal Finney

Notable participants

A few impressions from the first Run for Hal Finney

Anibal Santaella

Anita Posch

Group of Bitcoin runners with 5 runners in UK

Dario Duran

der Gigi

Jeremias Kangas

Jörg Hermsdorf

Mark W. Yusko

Matt Corallo with 2 more bitcoiners

Michael Taiberg

Paul Mathieu

Rene Pickardt

Ryan Calder

Team of SEBA Crypto AG with 15 runners

Sergei Tikhomirov

Veronika Kütt

Vitus Zeller

Vlad Costea