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A bitcoin anniversary bike tour from Florence to Frankfurt

Start in Florence (IT): January 3rd

Finish in Frankfurt (DE): January 12th

Equipment during Tour de Satoshi


On January 3rd of 2019 which marks the 10th anniversary of Bitcoin (Genesis Block), Vitus Zeller started a 10 day bike tour from Florence to Frankfurt. The tour started in Florence, the birthplace of modern banking, in front of the Palazzo Medici Riccardi and ended in Frankfurt a.M. in front of the European Central Bank (ECB).

It was a 1000 km bike ride with 10,000 meters of altitude with luggage in 10 days in unpredictable cold weather conditions through the Alps. Besides the sportive challenge Vitus' goal was to pay the night’s stays in a hotel with bitcoin. Upon arrival in each destination town, Vitus therefore needed to go from hotel to hotel and try to convince a hotel owner to let him stay a night in return for bitcoin. The final result out of nine nights was: Bitcoin 7:2 Euro.

Prior to starting Vitus published a one pager about Tour de Satoshi and announced it at a bitcoin meetup in Munich. One day before the start of Tour de Satoshi, while sitting in the train to Florence, he published a story on why he is doing this bike tour.

Vitus summarized every single day in his blog on medium as well as produced a short video about Tour de Satoshi.


Tour de Satoshi Whitepaper

Part 1

Cycle in 10 days through winter from Florence to Frankfurt.

Day 1: Jan 3rd Florence — Sassuolo: 143 km, 2320 m altitude

Day 2: Jan 4th Sassuolo — Cremona: 107 km, 200 m altitude

Day 3: Jan 5th Cremona — Chiavenna: 177 km, 1060 m altitude

Day 4: Jan 6th Chiavenna — Chur: 92 km, 2210 m altitude

Day 5: Jan 7th Chur — Vaduz: 39 km, 30 m altitude

Day 6: Jan 8th Vaduz — Bregenz: 52 km, 30 m altitude

Day 7: Jan 9th Bregenz — Riedlingen: 94 km, 690 m altitude

Day 8: Jan 10th Riedlingen — Stuttgart: 94 km, 1110 m altitude

Day 9: Jan 11th Stuttgart — Heidelberg: 95km, 1020 m altitude

Day 10: Jan 12th Heidelberg — Frankfurt: 91 km 330 m altitude

Part 2

Pay the hotel stays with bitcoin.


Story to every stage

Day 1: Florence - Vergato

Day 2: Vergato - Cremona

Day 3: Cremona - Lecco

Day 4: Lecco - St. Moritz

Day 5: St. Moritz - Chur

Day 6: Chur - Bregenz

Day 7: Bregenz - Riedlingen

Day 8: Riedlingen - Stuttgart

Day 9: Stuttgart - Heidelberg

Day 10: Heidelberg - Frankfurt

Received donations

Vitus received 18 little bitcoin donations from fellow bitcoiners. With that he was just able to pay the seven bitcoin-paid hotel stays with btc.

Media & coverage

- Cryptonomist was the first news outlet to write about team satoshi. Here's the article about Tour de Satoshi by Marco Cavicchioli: Vitus Zeller: the “Tour de Satoshi” to celebrate 10 years of bitcoin

- Roger Bittel from Cryptowelt invited Vitus for a live video interview a few months after Tour de Satoshi: Interview mit Vitus Zeller - Bitcoin-Geburtstagstour für die Massenadaption

- Anita Posch invited Vitus onto her show Bitcoin & Co Podcast in German: Vitus Zeller, Initiator des Satoshi Freeathlon über abgefrorene Zehen und Bitcoin