Road2Bitcoin 2022

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Road2Bitcoin 2022 Flyer

A 14-stage bitcoiners' bike tour from Genoa to Straßbourg

Start in Genoa (IT): September 6th

Finish in Straßbourg (FR): September 21st

Event summary

14 stages. Covering 5 countries. More than 1660km and 13k meters in elevation. A van called "satoshi" will be accompanying us and carry our bags, drinks and nutrition. On most days there will be meetups at the destination town. Any biking and cycling enthusiast can join for one or more stages. We will be carrying a physical whitepaper from Genoa (IT) to Straßbourg (FR).

With this route we will finish the bitcoin B on the European map, after the events Tour de Satoshi and satoshi freeathlon in 2019.

Road2Bitcoin 2022 stages summary

More details to all stages will follow soon.

The stage finishes will likely be the following cities: Genoa, Borgonovo, Parma, Legnano, Treviso, Udine, Villach, Bad Mitterndorf, Fuschl am See, Halfing, Munich, Regensburg, Rothenburg o. d. Tauber, Karlsruhe, Straßbourg


Anyone interested can join us. If you are interested in joining one or more stages of the event, come join our Telegram group and let us know which stage (or part of a stage) you are planning to join.

rough race track

more info

Besides the main event: Athletes and hobby athletes are invited to draw a Bitcoin B on the map with their sportive activity on September 21st and publish the map & some impressions.

Join Road2Bitcoin Telegram group, if interested in participating.

Costs & Income

Costs and possibly sponsored amounts as well as donations resulting from participants will be openly communicated.

Join, support or sponsor? Press?

Get in touch with Vitus Zeller