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visionary, entrepreneur, free thinker

relevant background

- Road cyclist at RSV Rosenheim e.V. as a teenager and young adult with up to around 50 races per year.

- Bitcoin enthusiast since 2012.

- 2013: Founder of ZmartPart GmbH a 3D printing & engineering company that started accepting bitcoin in 2014. An option which was never used by ZmartPart's customers.

- 2016: Founder of starwings GmbH with the vision to change the way organizations work. Starwings' core product stardust was meant to offer a model on how to dynamically and according to the team members' value contibution distribute company shares to create responsible and sustainable organizations.

Vitus while crossing the Julierpass in Switzerland

- 2019: Started team satoshi on January 3rd (10th anniversary of bitcoin) by starting the Tour de Satoshi with the vision to spread mainstream awareness and adoption for bitcoin (-> sound money) through sports. More on why Vitus started team satoshi here.

more info

- Storyteller Katrin Frische published an interview with Vitus (German) on team satoshi, satoshi freeathlon etc.

- Anita Posch hosted Vitus in an episode of her Bitcoin&Co Podcast asking about bitcoin, Tour de Satoshi etc.

- Vlad Costea from Bitcoin Magazine interviewed Vitus about team satoshi at the Lightning Conference 2019 in Berlin.

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- @vituszeller on telegram

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I believe in a world with a global, open, neutral, censorship-resistant and decentralized currency for the people. Bitcoin is about freedom of information, privacy and freedom of opinion in an increasingly digital world. Bitcoin is about decentralization of money and power.

I am on the mission to make a living by earning Bitcoin. I believe this is achievable by delivering value to the bitcoin ecosystem. Team satoshi's mission is to create bitcoin mainstream awareness and help adoption emerge.

I really appreciate your support. If you want to support me, you can donate bitcoin to this address: bc1q87jy2c28snel5tj3c5q94fdfuy9xwhl0ljlysn or send Btc via Lightning.