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'''Single day relay participants'''
'''Single day relay participants'''
- Day 1: [http://teamsatoshi.org/index.php/Anita_Posch Anita Posch] (swim/ bike)/ [http://teamsatoshi.org/index.php/Andreas_Zeller Andreas Zeller] (run) (Day 1)  
- Day 1: [http://teamsatoshi.org/index.php/Anita_Posch Anita Posch] (swim/ bike)/ [http://teamsatoshi.org/index.php/Andreas_Zeller Andreas Zeller] (run)

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A freestyle triathlon from Zug to Munich

Start in Zug (CH): August 24th

Finish in Munich (DE): August 27th


Day 1: Half Ironman triathlon (2km swim across Zuger lake, 90km bike from Zug to St. Gallen, 21km run to Romanshorn)

Day 2: Swim 12km across Bodensee from Romanshorn to Friedrichshafen

Day 3: Bike 190km from Friedrichshafen to Starnberg

Day 4: Run Marathon (42km) from Starnberg to Munich


- Moritz Biersack

- Thomas Bette

- Vitus Zeller

Single day participants

- Day 1: Jeremias Kangas

- Day 3: Anita Posch

Single day relay participants

- Day 1: Anita Posch (swim/ bike)/ Andreas Zeller (run)

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