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About team satoshi

team satoshi logo

Team satoshi is a sports team.

We create awareness for bitcoin and bring forward the decentralization of money and power. We believe in a world of global, open, neutral, censorship-resistant and decentralized sound money for the people. We organize private sports challenges and local sports teams as well as contribute to public sports events. We advocate for human rights, the cypherpunk manifesto and the bitcoin whitepaper. Sportswomen and sportsmen can become part of team satoshi anywhere in the world and are encouraged to start own projects/ challenges/ teams. In return for creating mainstream awareness and bringing bitcoin adoption forward, participants/ teams can get sponsored by collecting donations from the bitcoin community and/ or through other forms of sponsorship. We support sports, art and other forms of creativity & community engagement.

We are team satoshi.


Day 5 of Tour de Satoshi: Vitus crossing the Alps in Winter

past events

- Tour de Satoshi - bitcoin anniversary bike tour from Florence to Frankfurt - January 3rd - 12th of 2019

- satoshi freeathlon - freestyle triathlon from Zug to Munich - August 24th - 27th of 2019

- Run for Hal Finney - September 6th of 2019

- Khunjerab Pass Challenge - September 21st of 2019

- Berlin marathon - September 29th of 2019

- Singapore Ultra Marathon - September 19th of 2019

- Jerney ran the Ljubljana Marathon - October 27th 2019

upcoming events

- Biser running the New York City Marathon - November 3rd 2019


cypherfit - cypherpunk fitness

A challenge to commit until January 3rd 2020 (Bitcoin Genesis block anniversary) to donate 132009sats to a project of own choice, if we do not exercise for more than 3 days in a row. An exercise is defined as a physical exercise longer than 20 minutes. There is a telegram group for this challenge. If you would like to join that challenge, follow this invite link.

tstorch - team satoshi lightning torch

The team satoshi lightning torch is picked up the idea of the lightning torch of hodlonaut and combined it with the idea of the Olympic Flame. The torch is handed from athlete to athletes all over to world and is being carried for a sports challenge or competition. Every athlete adds the amount of sats in kilometers before they hand it over to the next athlete. Follow the #tstorch on twitter.

  current tstorch count: 10 hops, 1502 sats, 8 countries

[File:Bitcoin_RUNNERS_-Orange_on_White_WEB_72dpi_600px_x_600px.jpg|200px|thumb|right|Bitcoin Runners logo]

Bitcoin Runners

Bitcoin Runners is a global, borderless, open-source running club.

Like the protocol itself, transferring value across space and time, this club is for bitcoiners wishing to network and connect in an invigorating, healthy, p2p way.

Socialise, exercise, learn, and network while actively helping to promote the free speech money revolution! More more info at


We have been contacted by several athletes, who would like to buy team satoshi sportswear for their sports activity. We are currently working on it. If you would like to be updated about new clothes, join this

Contact, join, support

If you want to join, support, sponsor or write about team satoshi, feel free to get in touch with the contact person of single events or donate bitcoin to events/ participants you want to support.

You can also find more information at team satoshi subreddit or get in touch with Vitus Zeller.

support team satoshi. thx

team satoshi needs your help to grow into a movement.

There are several people helping out to make team satoshi happen. We thank you for your support of all sorts.

With a donation you can help fund the expenses and show support to everybody involved. Here is the btc donation address for team satoshi: bc1qmsxts3vyc7rfn27hjfy7vw698kfds2hhravrfu

Thank you!