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The Khunjerab Pass Challenge is the highest road race in the world. It a 50km ultramarathon starting at 4693 meters above sea-level on the Chinese-Pakistan boarder, the highest paved boarder crossing in the world. Emanuel Böhm will run this ultramarathon as a personal challenge as well as to be part of team satoshi and the mission of decentralization of money and power.

Manu is a German bitcoin hodler who is on a world travel tour with his partner Mia. Manu is a sports and mountain enthusiast and loves to take on outdoor running challenges. He decided to join team satoshi and run this ultramarathon in Pakistan to advocate for team satoshis mission.

Hold the date:

Saturday, September 21th, 2019


⚫️Emanuel Böhm

Event details:

⚫️At the website of the Khunjerab Pass Challenge you find more information about the highest road race in the world.

⚫️The marathon has a distance of 50 kilometres

⚫️Here you find the travel blog of Manu and Mia called Take the bumpy road

How can you support us?

You want to get involved or support this event, you might follow one of these actions:

⚫️Follow our blog and social media.

⚫️Give us 'likes' to the posts related to this event.

⚫️Share this event with others.

⚫️You can become one of our sponsors or partners 🤝(contact us).

⚫️Donating bitcoin.

The donations will help us to cover some of the expenses related to the ultramarathon, join future events and support other people's initiatives.

support this event

Join, support or sponsor? Press?

Get in touch with Emanuel Böhm

Donate bitcoin to the Khunjerab Pass Challenge team

There are costs involved in participating in this event. We are hoping to convert these costs into bitcoin. Donations exceeding the costs will be distributed fairly among the team and help us organize more similar events. And more importantly it will encourage other sportswomen and sportsmen to join in on the mission.

BTC donation address for this event is: 1AfHiX1EqFqD8YBCXYdgJbBL4T1ak4noN2

Media & coverage

- The Allgäuer Anzeiger, a regional mainstream media outlet from Bavaria, Germany, wrote about this team satoshi challenge (German): Der Lauf ins Ungewisse

- Emanuel wrote a blog post about this beforehand: Be careful what you wish for