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[[File: Berlin Marathon .png| 250px|thumb|right|Btc address:    39PTdVA6LCVJq5cfEzpygTf5oQs7XsKsQG]]
[[File: Berlin Marathon .png| 250px|thumb|right|'''Btc address:'''     39PTdVA6LCVJq5cfEzpygTf5oQs7XsKsQG]]
'''How can you support us?'''
'''How can you support us?'''

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Running a marathon to bring the Bitcoin community together and encourage others to set goals, have the structure in order to achieve them and execute them and at the same time find the healthier version of themselves through exercise.

We are a couple of Venezuelan immigrants (Paola & Anibal) that love running and sharing the bitcoin's ideology. Our next challenge is to run the Berlin marathon and we decided to involve the bitcoin community to join us in this journey.

HODL the date: Sunday, September 29th, 2019


- Anibal Santaella

- Paola Rodriguez

- Satoshi Nakamoto (maybe)

Event details:

- The marathon route of the BMW BERLIN MARATHON is considered to be the fastest in the world and is a popular annual highlight for both runners and spectators.

- The marathon has an official distance of 42.195 kilometres

- Berlin marathon course

Btc address: 39PTdVA6LCVJq5cfEzpygTf5oQs7XsKsQG

How can you support us?

You want to get involved or support this event, you might follow one of these actions:

- Following our social media.

- Giving us 'likes' to the posts related to this event.

- Sharing this event with others.

- Starting to exercise and telling us (It is a motivator for us).

- You can become one of our sponsors or partners (contact us).

- Donating bitcoin.

The donations will help us to cover all the expenses related to this marathon, organize future events and support other people initiatives.

Join, support or sponsor? Press?

Get in touch with Anibal Santaella

Our Partners and Sponsors